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Optional block of examinations based on partner clinics, subject to passing the basic complex:
27 900 ₽
26 300 ₽
9 000 ₽
10 000 ₽
10 000 ₽
On request

Checkup "Full panel"

This is the biggest check up. It includes the widest list of studies and costs 380,000 rubles. in full basic configuration. You can choose both individual blocks from the basic composition, and additional ones at your discretion, however, the most complete picture of the state of your body is formed with the full composition of the basic checkup.
Recommended coverage option: full, including insurance of the costs of treatment of critical diseases (heart attack, stroke, etc.) and newly discovered oncological diseases. Exceptions to coverage are possible if there are risk groups.Underwriting is required to confirm the conditions.

Payment recipient:
Bio Date Group LLC

If there are signs of allergies.Allergochip Immunocap Examination for type 1 allergy (immunoglobulins E, 112 sensitizing proteins).

Payment recipient:
Bio Date Group LLC

Quantitative HPV Type test 6, 11, 16, 18, 26, 31, 33, 35, 39, 44, 45, 51, 52, 53, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68, 73, 82, as well as the determination by quantitative test of HSV 1 (Herpes simplex virus type 1), HSV 2 (Herpes simplex virus type 2), G.vaginalis, C.albicans, M.genitalium, M.hominis, N.gonorrhoeae, , T.vaginalis, U. parvum, U. realyticum, C. trachomatis, CMV. Also included in the composition are the results of HIV analysis and antibodies to Treponema.pallidum lgM, lgG (Syphilis).

Payment recipient:
Bio Date Group LLC

Maintenance of the Immunohealth diet, 1 week with the preparation of a report.

Payment recipient:
Bio Date Group LLC

In the absence of ultrasound examinations for the last year in these sections.
The price is given approximately and depends on the pricing policy of the chosen clinic.
1) Thyroid gland.
2) The abdominal cavity.
3) Kidneys.

The corresponding medical facility
(Payment on the spot)

In the presence of indications and in the absence of contraindications.
They are carried out on the basis of the Medscan network or an MRI center at the client's choice according to the clinic's price list.

Payment recipient:
The corresponding medical facility
(Payment on the spot)

At the discretion of the client, but not earlier than 4 months after the start of the program.
«iochemical studies according to an individual program approved by the attending physician.

Payment recipient:
Bio Date Group LLC

The reception of doctors with the conducted examinations / analyses takes place on the basis of the corresponding medical facilities, in the amount that is individually determined for each client and can be paid by them in the medical facility itself. In addition, the reception can be carried out free of charge within the framework of the CHI / VMI policy of the client and / or by the medical team, which the client selects and approves independently, at his own expense.

Payment recipient:
The corresponding medical facility
(Payment on the spot)

5 000 ₽
Based on one departure. Does not include transportation and accommodation expenses for a business trip to another city, which are paid additionally.

Payment recipient:
Bio Date Group LLC

5 000 ₽
On request
45 000 ₽
For every hour over 3 hours.

Payment recipient:
Bio Date Group LLC

1) Assistance in finding and ordering medications and dietary supplements prescribed by doctors.
2) Mandatory monitoring with the frequency of communication at the client's choice.
3) Chat support with a response to requests in a guaranteed period of 24 hours.

Payment recipient:
Bio Date Group LLC
10% discount when paying in advance for 3 months.
25% discount when paying in advance for 12 months.

The amount includes all necessary consultations. Additional costs may be incurred in connection with the tests, at the request of a specialist.

Payment recipient:
The corresponding medical facility
(Payment on the spot)

Basic complex (4 months):
Biochemical and metabolomic studies
1) Examination of all organs and systems of the body (biochemical studies of blood, feces, urine, saliva).
View the full composition of the study
2) The service of departure of a nurse for taking tests.

Cost: 230 500 ₽
Payment recipient: Biodata Group LLC
Analysis of food intolerance
Immunohealth food intolerance analysis with consultation on the test results.

Cost: 25,500 ₽
Payment recipient: Biodata Group LLC
Instrumental examination of the cardiovascular system in the Atlas partner clinic
Basic composition (can be changed taking into account the results of analyses and priorities):
1) Ultrasound of the vessels of the head and neck, with the determination of the thickness of the carotid artery complex.
2) ECG at rest
3) ECG with physical activity.
4) ECHO KG at rest.
5) Consultation with a cardiologist

Cost: 31,600 ₽
Payment recipient: Biodata Group LLC
Comprehensive examination for parasites, protozoa and fungi (26 parameters), performed according to the methodology with high sensitivity. This complex is paid separately, is not included in the total cost of the "Full panel" checkup.

Cost: 14,000 ₽
Payment recipient: NCLD LLC
Genetic passport
In the absence of a previously made test.
600,000 polymorphisms with the provision of raw data and a report on the genetics of health, sports. nutrition, hereditary diseases and sensitivity to nutrients

Cost: 29,900 ₽
Payment recipient: Biodata Group LLC
Conducting a questionnaire survey by a psychotherapist.
Face-to-face meeting/online call approximately 1 - 1.5 hours, as well as processing of the SCL-90 questionnaire.

Cost: 15,000 ₽
Payment recipient: Biodata Group LLC
Digitization of the medical archive
Uploading the medical archive to the user's personal account on the biodata platform.
The medical archive includes all available data on the client, namely the conclusions of doctors, protocols of instrumental studies, laboratory tests (preferably in the format of the original PDF received from the laboratory), without limitation of volume in any language, provided that the client is provided in digital format (Dropbox, Google Disk, access or upload from the personal account of the clinic / laboratory).

Cost: 15,000 ₽
Payment recipient: Biodata Group LLC
Basic medical concierge services, Provision of an online cabinet with support for downloading tests.
Customer support by the biodata team in a personal telegram messenger chat. Processing of new health management requests within 4 months, response time up to 3 working days. Support of all recommendations and procedures, explanation of recommendations prescribed by the attending physician. Control of the schedule of regular examinations (every 4 months) and assistance in their organization, without taking into account the cost of tests.

Cost: 19,000 ₽
Payment recipient: Biodata Group LLC
For whom
  • Do you have a request to form a clear idea of the state of your body;
  • Do you want to find the reason for any deviation;
  • There is a request to digitize the body and collect medical data by itself, as well as their consolidation.
  • 30 vials of blood (this is a safe volume for a one-time donation, 4 times less than the volume of blood donation)
  • 5 containers of urine
  • 4 containers of feces
  • Saliva (collected on the spot by a nurse)
  • Separated from the throat (collected on the spot by a nurse)
Pay attention: The delivery of such a composition of biomaterial requires preparation. Please read carefully the instructions for preparing for the check-in. For women of reproductive age, there are restrictions on the days of the cycle when the checkup is recommended.
Instrumental examination
It is carried out in the Atlas partner clinic in Moscow. In other cities, we will organize a survey on an individual basis.
Readiness period
Preparation of all the results of the check-up takes 3 weeks from the moment of passing the tests, the deadline for the readiness of the genetic test is from 4 weeks, with the delivery of the complete genome - 3 months.
What you will get
1. Based on all the collected data, a face-to-face, if you are in Moscow, or remotely online consultation (~ 2 hours) is conducted with the development of a further protocol of recommendations for 3 months on dietary supplements and lifestyle, as well as additional examination, if necessary, based on the results of the checkup.
When handing over the "Full Panel", a further track is assumed: the delivery of the control check-up no earlier than 4 months later. The control checklist includes analysis of deviations and point-by-point control of those deviations for which the work was carried out. On average, the cost of a control check is 60,000-120,000 rubles.

2. Medical Concierge: support of the biodata team in a personal chat in telegram for 4 months after the check-in is free of charge. We answer your questions, arrange an appointment with doctors, find specialized specialists.

3. Digitized and consolidated medical archive on the biodata website: we will upload to your personal account any amount of data that you provide us on previous examinations (only files in digital format are accepted, paper copies are not suitable).

4. A unique dataset of self-knowledge: 1200+ biomarkers based on the results of the checkout.
A memo for preparing for tests
When planning the delivery of tests, we ask you to take into account the limitation in the schedule:
taking tests is possible only on weekdays, from Monday to Thursday inclusive.
How and where can I take the analysis
There are 2 options for the organization of sampling tests to choose from
1. At home or in the office
2. In the clinic
It is necessary to order the departure of a nurse to your office or home 2 days before the expected delivery of tests
(for example, on Monday you can place an order for Wednesday morning)
Nurses' working hours:
Mon-Thu, from 8:00 am
Taking tests will take 30-40 minutes
The address of the clinic "Medgorod":
Moscow, ul. Valovaya, house 32/75c1,
5 minutes from m. Dobryninskaya
Clinic working hours:
Mon-Thu, from 7:30 am
Sampling tests will take from 30 minutes, depending on the queue, usually no more than an hour
Composition of analyses
4 containers of feces, 5 containers of urine, saliva separated from the pharynx, up to 30 vials of blood (venous blood) – this volume of blood donation is safe and about 5 times less than the volume of blood donated by the donor. However, you should definitely take tests at the clinic if:
Previously, you had episodes of loss of consciousness when taking blood (or just at the sight of blood). Warn the nurse about this.
You don't know if you are allergic to soy protein. As part of the analyses, a "Gastropanel" test with a protein load is carried out to check the secretory function of the stomach. As a protein load in the test, a cocktail of soy protein is used (when passing tests, it will be necessary to drink it).
Preparation for tests
Tests are given out of exacerbation of diseases and taking medications. If you have recently taken antibiotics, we recommend rescheduling the tests – at least 2 weeks should pass after taking antibiotics. Also, if you have recently taken dietary supplements or take any medications on a regular basis, please inform the manager about them.
The day before the tests, it is necessary to exclude alcohol, stress, fatty foods, sports, sex, flights.
6 hours before the study, it is not recommended to use medicines for irrigation of the oropharynx and drugs for resorption.
Before conducting the study, do not brush your teeth, do not use chewing gum/lozenges to freshen your breath (these restrictions are caused by a saliva test for viruses, you will be asked to spit into a sterile container).
Exclude the use of laxatives, the introduction of rectal candles, oils, limit the use of medications that affect intestinal peristalsis (belladonna, pilocarpine, etc.), and drugs that affect the color of feces (iron, bismuth, barium sulfate), within 72 hours before collecting feces.
All tests are given strictly on an empty stomach, at least 8 hours should pass from the last meal. It is possible (and desirable) to drink simple still water 2-3 glasses 30 minutes before blood collection.
Only for women:
Women should plan tests for 5-7 or 24-26 days of the cycle.
If you take tests at home:
A biomaterial must be prepared in advance for the nurse's visit:

● Containers with feces. It is necessary to buy 4 regular containers for feces at any pharmacy. The laboratory itself does not separate biomaterials into containers, so it is necessary to prepare and transfer containers to a nurse. Since the biomaterial is collected in advance, it can be stored in the refrigerator or even in the freezer. It is impossible to "spoil" the biomaterial in this way.
Instructions for collecting feces

● Containers with urine. It is required to collect an average portion of urine from the morning toilet, it is enough to fill ⅓ part of the container.
If you take tests at the clinic:
After taking the main part of the tests, a protein (soy) cocktail will be prepared for you. It needs to be drunk, and after 20 minutes the nurse will call you out of turn to hand over another test tube for a stimulated test. We recommend handing it over from the other hand to minimize unpleasant sensations.

The address of the clinic "Medgorod":
Moscow, ul. Valovaya, house 32/75c1.
How to get through: Entrance from the side of Valovaya St., You will see the sign "Medgorod" (former "Good Practice"), you need to go up to the 3rd floor. Inform the reception that you are from the Bio Date company and specify the application number (we will inform you of it additionally). You do not need to pay for anything, but you will need to sign a consent for medical intervention and processing of personal data by the laboratory. You will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, usually several people.
All biomaterials can be completed later if something fails to pass at one time. You can take the containers to the clinic, or we will arrange a courier departure.

Preparation of the results of all tests takes 3 weeks. Until then, some will be partially ready, but we recommend receiving all the results at the same time (except in cases where some tests are urgently requested by the attending physician).

For any questions related to the preparation or delivery of tests, you can contact our manager.
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