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Checkup "Revaccination"

Modern immunology considers vaccination as the prevention of viral and infectious diseases throughout life. Despite the fact that everyone remembers vaccines from childhood, some vaccinations need to be repeated in adulthood, because over time they lose their effectiveness. Flu vaccination is recommended annually, as well as vaccination before traveling to exotic countries or when planning a pregnancy. It is especially important to vaccinate elderly people, because their immunity is reduced, and accordingly, the body is more susceptible to any viral diseases and infections with the risk of complications and hospitalization. In particular, we see this effect on the example of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The "Revaccination" checkup is carried out before vaccination, its purpose is to assess the current state of the body, make sure that there are no contraindications or medical withdrawal from vaccination, there is no risk of post-vaccination complications.

Before setting up any vaccination, an examination of the patient by an immunologist or an infectious disease specialist is mandatory.
General blood analysis with a leukoformula (5-diff), microscopy + ESR, Protein fractions, Biochemistry expanded: Total protein, Albumin, Creatinine, Urea, Uric acid, Glucose, Total Bilirubin, Direct Bilirubin, ALT, AST, triglycerides, Alpha-amylase, Alkaline phosphatase, Gamma-GT, Pancreatic amylase, LDH, Total Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Serum iron, Total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol;
Basic homeostasis
Hemostasiogram (11 indicators): Prothrombin time, INR, Quick Prothrombin, %, Prothrombin index, APTT, Thrombin time, Fibrinogen, Lupus anticoagulant, Antithrombin III, D-dimer, RFMC (soluble fibrin-monomer complexes)
Infectious load
Antibodies to rubella virus lgG, Rubella IgG number, Antibodies to hepatitis A virus lgG, anti-HAV IgG quality, Antibodies to hepatitis B virus surface antigen, anti-HBsAg number, Antibodies to hepatitis C virus, anti-HCV amount, Antibodies to hepatitis D virus lgM,IgG, anti-HDV IgM,IgG quality, Antibodies hepatitis E virus lgG, anti-HEV IgG quality, Antibodies to measles virus lgG, Measles virus IgG number, Antibodies to mumps virus lgG, Mumps IgG number, Antibodies to Diphtheria bacillus, Corynebacterium diphtheriae number, Antibodies to Varicella Zoster virus IgG, Varicella Zoster IgG number., Antibodies to the causative agent of whooping cough IgG,, Bordetella pertussis lgG number, Antibodies to the causative agent of tetanus (Clostridium tetani), Antibodies to SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) IgG (certified Russian test systems)
The immune system
IgE total immunoglobulin, Eosinophil Cationic protein (ECP), Immune status (cellular and humoral immunity), Phagotest, Naive CD4 lymphocytes/memory cells (CD4/45RO, CD4/45RA, ratio of "naive" cells and memory cells)", Interferon status, Interleukin 1 beta, Interleukin 6
Excretory system
General urine analysis
Autoimmune status
Antibodies to neutrophil cytoplasm (ANCA), Tumor necrosis factor TNF, "ELI-B-6-Test (general state of the immune system, preparation for vaccination, 6 antigens)","ELI-Viscero-Test-24" (full panel, 24 antigens)
Blood collection, departure of a nurse to the house zone 2 (from TTK to MKAD)
For whom
  • For those who plan to travel to exotic countries
  • For those who are planning a pregnancy
  • For age-related patients
  • For those who are not vaccinated as planned (according to the National Vaccination Calendar)
  • 15 vials of blood
  • 1 container of urine
Pay attention: Handing over a check-up requires a little preparation. Please read the preparation memo below.
Readiness period
2 weeks
What you will get
1. According to the results of the tests and the questionnaire, an infectious diseases doctor is consulted, at which a decision is made on the vaccination.

2. A digitized dataset of 150 biomarkers uploaded to your personal account on the biodata platform.

3. Unlimited access to your personal account on the biodata website, as well as in the mobile application.
A memo for preparing for tests
When planning the delivery of tests, we ask you to take into account the limitation in the schedule:
taking tests is possible only on weekdays, from Monday to Thursday inclusive.
How and where can I take the analysis
There are 2 options for the organization of sampling tests to choose from
1. At home or in the office
2. In the clinic
It is necessary to order the departure of a nurse to your office or home 2 days before the expected delivery of tests
(for example, on Monday you can place an order for Wednesday morning)
Nurses' working hours:
Mon-Thu, from 8:00 am
Taking tests will take 30-40 minutes
The address of the clinic "Medgorod":
Moscow, ul. Valovaya, house 32/75c1,
5 minutes from m. Dobryninskaya
Clinic working hours:
Mon-Thu, from 7:30 am
Sampling tests will take from 30 minutes, depending on the queue, usually no more than an hour
Composition of analyses
  • Laboratory tests at home or in the clinic
  • Self-filling online questionnaires "Energy" – this is a validated symptomatic questionnaire SCL-90, which characterizes the psychoemotional state of a person. It will take 15 minutes of your time.

You should definitely take tests at the clinic if:
Previously, you had episodes of loss of consciousness when taking blood (or just at the sight of blood). Warn the nurse about this.
Preparation for tests
Tests are given out of exacerbation of diseases and taking medications. If you have recently taken antibiotics, we recommend rescheduling the tests – at least 2 weeks should pass after taking antibiotics. Also, if you have recently taken dietary supplements or take any medications on a regular basis, please inform the manager about them.
The day before the tests, it is necessary to exclude alcohol, stress, fatty foods, sports, sex, flights.
All tests are given strictly on an empty stomach, at least 8 hours should pass from the last meal. It is possible (and desirable) to drink simple still water 2-3 glasses 30 minutes before blood collection.
If you take tests at the clinic:
The address of the clinic "Medgorod":
Moscow, ul. Valovaya, house 32/75c1.
How to get through: Entrance from the side of Valovaya St., You will see the sign "Medgorod" (former "Good Practice"), you need to go up to the 3rd floor. Inform the reception that you are from the Bio Date company and specify the application number (we will inform you of it additionally). You do not need to pay for anything, but you will need to sign a consent for medical intervention and processing of personal data by the laboratory. You will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, usually several people.
For any questions related to the preparation or delivery of tests, you can contact our manager.
Checkup "Revaccination"
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