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Hormones are biologically active substances produced in specialized cells of the endocrine glands and entering the blood. Hormones carry out a wide range of physiological effects, regulating the metabolism and functioning of various organs. These effects are due to the mechanism of binding hormones to special receptors of target cells, due to which target cells are able to recognize hormones among a variety of substances in circulation [1].


[1] Nussey S, Whitehead S. "Endocrinology: An Integrated Approach. Chapter 1. Principles of endocrinology"

Sleep quality
Sleep is a natural physiological process characterized by a reduced reaction to external stimuli, and necessary for the full recovery of the body from stress suffered during the day. Despite the fact that the change of periods of sleep and wakefulness seems obviously associated with the change of day and night, the mechanisms of preparation and going to bed and subsequent awakening are mediated by the action of special hormones (for example, melatonin, cortisol) and, thus, have an endogenous nature. The process of this cyclic fluctuation in the intensity of physiological processes is called "circadian rhythm" [1].


[1] Van Cauter E., Copinschi G., "Interrelationships between growth hormone and sleep".

Nervous system

The nervous system is a complex network of nervous structures, including the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, and mediates the transformation of external and internal stimuli into a nervous process. The nervous system transmits signals between various organs and systems of the body in order to adapt to changing circumstances [1].


[1] Parker E. Ludwig, Matthew Varacallo, "Neuroanatomy, Central Nervous System".

Insulin resistance

Insulin sensitivity is the body's ability to increase glycogen synthesis in the liver and muscles and the intensity of cell division in response to an increase in the concentration of the hormone insulin in metabolism [1].


[1] Gisela Wilcox, "Insulin and Insulin Resistance" (PMID: 16278749)

Nutritional status

Nutritional status refers to a set of anthropometric (such as weight, percentage of fat and muscle tissue, etc.) and biochemical (such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids measured in urine or in blood) indicators that allow assessing the adequacy of the diet and energy expenditure, the sufficiency of the use of basic essential (i.e. important for normal metabolism) nutrients, as well as their bioavailability (the body's ability to absorb them) [1].


[1] Szabolcs P., Eggersdorfer M. et al. "Nutrient Status Assessment in Individuals and Populations for Healthy Aging - Statement from an Expert Workshop".

Heart and blood vessels

The cardiovascular system is a system of organs that provides blood circulation in the human body. Due to blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the organs and tissues of the body, and carbon dioxide and waste products are excreted from the body [1].

A source:

[1] Roth G.A., Huffman M.D. et al., "Global and Regional Patterns in Cardiovascular Mortality From 1990 to 2013."


Cardiorespiratory endurance is the ability of the body to withstand a prolonged cyclic load in the so-called "aerobic mode" and resist fatigue. Since "aerobic mode" refers to the mode of energy production by the body using oxygen from the inhaled air, this type of endurance depends on the functions of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems [1].


[1] Strasser B., Burtscher M., "Survival of the fittest: VO2max, a key predictor of longevity?" (PMID: 29293447)

Onco - alertness

Oncological diseases are an extensive and heterogeneous list of diseases associated with benign and malignant neoplasms. The greatest danger to life is malignant ("cancerous") tumors, which are understood as neoplasms consisting of uncontrollably dividing cells capable of invasion into neighboring tissues or metastasis to distant organs [1].

A source:

[1] Cooper G.M., Sunderland M.A., "The Development and Causes of Cancer."


Inflammation is a complex protective reaction of the immune system that occurs in response to damage and is aimed at eliminating the products (and, if possible, agents) of damage, as well as at maximally restoring tissues in the area of damage [1].


[1] Franceschi C., Garagnani P. et. al "Inflammaging and 'Garb-aging"

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Partner services

Stanislav Skakun
Founder of Bio Date company, organizer of one of the largest quantified self experiments with carrying out more than 12 000 medical measurements of his body for  6 years
At biodata, we are confident that the basis of the "energy" of every successful person is nothing more than health, expressed in a sufficient supply of nutrients, the proper functioning of hormones and the nervous system, and all other attempts to manage personal effectiveness and motivation will not be successful enough until the foundation is formed. Start building team motivation by "pumping" the energy of key employees.



Our partners

We cooperate both with investors in the Life Science industry and with the founders of biomedical startups.


Technologies we believe in:
Gene therapy
Neural interfaces
Suspended animation
AI / Drug design

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the creation of the company biodata?

The biodata company was founded in July 2017 by Stanislav Skakun, a Russian enthusiast of the quantified self movement. Stanislav has been conducting an experiment on measuring himself since 2014, in which he measures 300-400 biochemical parameters of his body every month. Thus, to date, this experiment has collected more than 10,000 medical measurements for one person, which makes it one of the largest experiments of this kind in the world.

In order to improve the efficiency of medical and biological data processing, the idea came up in the experiment to assemble a team of specialists in the field of biology and personalized medicine, as well as to develop applications for storing and analyzing medical data. The solution of these tasks formed the basis of the company's activities: we develop a cross-platform application for working with medical data, as well as provide services for the selection of medical specialists for our clients.
Does your company provide medical services?

No, our company does not have (and currently does not plan to receive) a license to carry out medical activities, and, accordingly, does not provide medical services.

Our goal is to create a convenient and effective tool for doctors and patients who are faced with the need to work with medical data. We are developing a technology platform for data processing and storage.
What data can I store in the system?

Now we support recognition of analyses in pdf format from most Moscow laboratories. Errors are possible during recognition, if this happens, then we will debug on our side completely free of charge, and this will allow us to improve the algorithms used.

Data in JPG and other image formats cannot be recognized yet, but the system supports manual input mode.
How can I grant access to the data to my attending physician?

At the moment, in order to authorize your attending physician in the system, you will need to provide in writing your consent to the access of your chosen specialist to your data. This is necessary in connection with the requirements of Federal Law 323 "On the basics of protecting the health of citizens in the Russian Federation", which regulates the handling of information constituting a medical secret.

We also inform you that by Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2769-r of December 29, 2014 "On Approval of the Concept of Regional Informatization", as well as in order to comply with the provisions of Federal Law No. 86-FZ of May 1, 2017, medical personnel in Russia must be provided with qualified electronic signature certificates. In this regard, your attending physician, if he conducts professional activities in Russia, is most likely already provided with an enhanced qualified electronic digital signature.

Taking this into account, in the near future we plan to introduce support for electronic document management with universal support for standard EDS certificates used in Russia, as well as to organize services for authorization and issuance of EDS with cloud storage of certificates for customers. This will allow you to issue and revoke consent to access data remotely, without resorting to paper document management.

The introduction of this feature will be announced later.
How is data security ensured?

We take the security of the information entrusted to us very seriously.

At the moment, the data is stored on a separate server (which is not used for any other Company systems, for example, for a website). The data center is located in Russia, which is a necessary requirement of the Federal Law "On Personal Data" No. 152-FZ, so we exclude the possibility of accidental cross-border data transfer. The company providing data storage services is certified in accordance with the requirements of the FSTEC TKKI.

We are also planning certification in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 27001 information security standard in the first quarter of 2019, in connection with which additional data protection measures are being taken.

This message will be updated as we report new security measures we are taking.
What is the cost of data storage services?

At the moment, the web-cabinet is provided free of charge. This functionality is sufficient for self-recognition and storage of most biochemical analyses.

Our mobile application (for iOS and Android) costs 299 rubles a year and allows you to add, view and edit entries in your personal account.

The cost of connecting other functions will be determined separately after connecting this functionality in our office.
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But payment for any services of our company is made only by bank card in your personal account (in compliance with the requirements of Federal Law 54-FZ for payments of individuals).
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Please direct your question to or send a message using the form on this site. We will be happy to answer it!
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